The Timeline

In over a century of corporate history, lots of things have been collected: images, files, balance sheets and destinies. The most interesting of these have found their way into this timeline - and build up a picture of a family that has had to bear much, but that has also achieved much.


A self-employed eighteen-year old? This is still rather unusual even in today’s world. Back in 1914, when Selma Schmidt set up her own business, it was almost unheard of. See more


When he returned home in 1949, Waldemar Kämper had seen six years of war and two years as a prisoner. Thanks to his mother’s skill, he was able to take over the company and continue to manage it. See more


In 1970 Rainer Kämper takes over the company. He fundamentally changes the company’s strategy - and manages rapid corporate growth.

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In 1992, Matthias Kämper, the son of Rainer and Ingelore Kämper, joined the company, and is the fourth generation of the family to run it.

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