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Fire extinguishers are only considered to be in perfect working condition again when all safety, fire protection and technical maintenance procedures have been performed with the utmost care. This is certified by attaching an inspection sticker to the fire extinguisher itself.  

A fire extinguisher that has been used or activated even just for a few seconds must be immediately serviced and refurbished afterwards. An indication that the extinguisher has been used is, for example, the lack of the safety pin, seal or manometer (pressure measuring device).    

Did you know?
We keep a fire extinguisher register that not only lists all 40 fire extinguishers including their locations and type designations but also the dates of their next inspection. This ensures that we have a clear overview and can guarantee the safety of the devices.

Companies have an obligation to provide fire extinguishers: And they must be professionally inspected at least every two years. Every company that employs at least one employee is obligated to equip their premises with fire extinguishers and to have them professionally inspected on a regular basis – at least every two years. This is the case irrespective of whether it is a production company or simply an office-based business. The main focus for lawmakers is the protection of people. In their own interests, however, the owner of the company should also provide appropriate protection for his/her company assets. It is almost always possible to put out a fire in its early stages using a fire extinguisher – even before the fire brigade arrives at the scene of the fire.

This is why fire extinguishers must be inspected at least every two years to ensure that this technical safety equipment works correctly and provides the desired protection against fire. It can be assumed that a fire extinguisher will no longer work 100% correctly if the inspection deadline has been exceeded. This may also invalidate insurance cover in some circumstances.

Professional inspectors
The full servicing of all of our fire extinguishers – meaning their maintenance/testing, inspection and any improvements or repairs to the extinguishing devices – is thus carried out by a trained professional commissioned with this task. These trained professionals are usually employees of the manufacturer of the fire extinguishers or independent inspection companies. When these people are entrusted with the inspection of the fire extinguishers, they accept any liability for the device from a fire protection and technical safety perspective.