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Müller & Sohn is a sustainable and environmentally friendly company by conviction. The greatest contribution to environmental protection is our job itself: Aluminium recycling significantly reduces CO2 emissions because the production of primary aluminium from bauxite requires a huge amount of energy:

  • 93% – the amount of CO2 saved per tonne by recycling compared to primary production.
  • 35% – the proportion of the annual aluminium consumption that is already covered by recycling
  • 5% – the proportion of energy required to recycle aluminium compared to the primary process

Beverage can recycling has hit
a record level in Europe. And the
beverage can is the recycling
champion in Germany with a
recycling rate of 99%. Your
recyclable materials are in
the right hands at Müller & Sohn.
Our customers are won over by
our expertise.


We do not only focus on the principle of sustainability in WHAT we do but also HOW we do it: We consistently operate in an environmentally friendly manner – from proactively protecting groundwater and the use of e-vehicles on the company’s premises through to our fleet of HGVs consisting of low-emission BlueTEC diesel vehicles. Strict compliance with all environmental laws, rules and regulations is a matter of course for us and is regularly checked both internally and externally.