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We use the new Citymaster 1200 from Hako for one thing above all: Keeping things safe! You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. And as we handle almost 40 thousand tonnes of physical materials, it is not uncommon for small pieces of aluminium to be left lying on the internal and public roads around our yard. There are numerous reasons for this from the way the equipment is designed through to human error.

Extremely small, sharp-edged pieces of aluminium pose a particular challenge. If they puncture the tyres on a vehicle, they can cause significant damage and even result in tyre blowouts. To avoid these problems, we have purchased a road sweeper that we use to clean the internal and public roads at regular intervals. The special feature of this road sweeper is that it is not only equipped with a highly powerful vacuum blower but also two efficient sweeping brushes that can even extract small pieces of aluminium that have been driven into the asphalt. We can also use the Citymaster to clear snow and grit the roads so that it is even more cost effective. The new Citymaster is a real all-rounder for us because it not only sweeps and cleans but also helps us to avoid any damage.