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Substances hazardous to water can pose considerable risks to surface water, groundwater and thus also to drinking water – our most important foodstuff. If a substance hazardous to water pollutes the soil or groundwater, it can leave companies facing high remediation costs and significant damage to their image. This is why we are now offering environmentally friendly container storage stands to our customers from this year. 

These are an in-house solution designed for the environmentally friendly storage of containers in halls or under existing roofing. They can be used to hold containers loaded with aluminium chips and scrap covered in oil, as well as other materials coated with substances hazardous to water (e.g. emulsions). Due to the inherently stable design of the frame, the storage stands can be easily set up on all solid surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, etc. Unevenness and slopes can be easily levelled out. If a water-tight container should leak, it prevents the hazardous substances from running into surface water.

Conformity with the VAwS (German ordinance on installations for handling substances hazardous to water):
This is achieved using a double-walled reservoir system that has been issued with a general building approval by the DIBt.

Hazardous substances
Aluminium chips are classified as hazardous waste if they are not “drip-free” or they exceed the concentration limits of 0.8% by mass of lipophilic substances and 8,000 mg/kg of hydrocarbons (MOH = mineral oil hydrocarbons).