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The aims were to increase the number of workspaces in the available space by two, to improve the quality of the work environment and at the same time to continue to meet the high standards expected of a modern analysis laboratory. The new facility should also clearly communicate our own understanding of cleanliness and quality to customers and visitors as part of our corporate identity.

The office building that was originally built in 2003 was firstly completely gutted. The office space was made sterile and easier to maintain by installing new floor coverings and ceiling-high wall coverings throughout the building.  

The latest LED lighting was installed in the ceiling so that employees can concentrate and work precisely on their tasks. A new air conditioning system filters the fresh air, which is not only important for employees but also protects the sensitive measurement instruments against dust particles.

Modern furniture with a functional and high-quality design not only creates the right atmosphere but the height-adjustable desks are highly ergonomic and help prevent work-related illnesses. The mix of white and grey surfaces creates a pleasant office atmosphere in the laboratory. At the same time, the easy-to-clean surfaces and the air conditioning system ensure the highest testing quality. 

A new uncluttered control station with proactive monitors provides a better and quicker overview of the most important information about the storage yard, production area and the companies own fleet of HGVs.       

Well-designed solution: Some of the walls are also magnetic. Memos can be easily and neatly attached to these walls using magnets.