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Replacing an old lighting system with a modern one offers ecological, economic and ergonomic advantages - the background to this is our goal of using energy resources sparingly and thus reducing CO2 emissions. From an economic point of view, the main argument in favour of refurbishing our lighting system is the energy costs, which are significantly reduced with LED technology.

For this purpose, the system uses the latest LED technology with a high luminous efficacy. If daylight and presence sensors are also used, up to 75 % of the energy and the associated costs can be saved compared to conventional lighting without lighting management. This leads to an even shorter payback period and significantly reduces CO2 emissions. 

The first modernisation phase was in Hall 1, where all 13 HQLs were dismantled and replaced by 32 new LED high-bay luminaires. The even distribution of 3 LED luminaires per truss gives us better illumination of the entire hall compared to the previous spot illumination. The second section was in the outdoor area of the forecourt and at the scales. Here, 6 HQL luminaires and 6 halogen spotlights were replaced with only 7 new LED spotlights.