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Ordinance on the Protection of Groundwater (Grundwasserverordnung - GrwV) Our groundwater is a precious resource. Therefore, it is ecologically important that every company that handles hazardous substances proves that the groundwater on its property is not adversely changed or polluted with leaking pollutants. Monitoring of pollutants is crucial for effective management of groundwater contamination.
In cooperation with the Arnsberg district government, we have complied with this official requirement and have had two groundwater monitoring wells with a depth of up to 18 m drilled on our property.

These wells serve firstly to determine and analyse the stratified soil structure and secondly as a measuring point for regular monitoring of the groundwater in the inflow and outflow. The drilling process was accompanied by a geologist who regularly sampled the drill cores. The results of the solid analyses showed that no harmful hydrocarbons were contained in the samples taken. With these two measuring points, it is now possible to regularly monitor the quality of the groundwater and possible environmental damage. The samples taken and the resulting results are submitted to the Water Management Office and the State Office for the Environment. Future opportunity.

With a determined groundwater extraction capacity of approx. 3.5 cbm / = 15 kW, it is even possible in the future to exchange an efficient heat pump for the existing gas heating system. This would allow us to heat our entire office buildings in an environmentally friendly way and save money at the same time. An enquiry about this is already underway.